iPhone X started its sales from Friday 27th October with exciting features of luxuriant screen, facial recognition and $1,000 price.

Before the launch of Apple iPhone X, many analysts predicted that Apple will not be able to meet the demands till 2018. However company’s CEO Tim Cook is very positive about its production saying, “As we approach the holiday season, we expect it to be our biggest quarter ever,” he further added that the company is enhancing its production capacity on weekly bases.




Initially Apple was giving 5-6 weeks of delivery timings for online orders, but now it has shortened it to 3-4 weeks.  Long quo are seen outside Chicago, Italy, New York, Hong Kong, UAE and Dubai of buyers who come to pick their orders or buying from limited same-day sales.



iPhone X’s hype and sales are going as per expectations. As GBH analysts Daniel Ives said, “The Super Bowl for Apple is iPhone X. That is the potential game changer”.

Considering the sales and delays in catching up with iPhone X demands, critics say that it is tactic to initiate “buzz”. However others say that Apple’s suppliers are not competent enough to produce iPhone X in desired speed.



Developing iPhone X has become a challenge because of it color popping OLED screen, which is not as common as other LCD screens present in previous versions of iPhone. Also its facial ID recognition for device unlocking needs more components than any other smart phone.

Thus Apple is working hard to meet up the manufacturing and sales demands. Apple is looking forward to iPhone X for giving highest levels of sales in almost 9 -10 months of next year. However if Apple fails to deliver orders in time, intolerant customers might switch to Samsung or Google.