Inside Views of Maryam Nawaz JAIL

Whats the first image that comes to your mind when you think about imprisonment or jail? I think something like this,

Over crowded hot jails with stinking people and abusive constables. Thats the reality of our jails. Many prisoners see these jails for the wrong deeds they are into. However some witness these because of their hard luck. But more or less every normal or common citizen of Pakistan who is into illegal activities is sent into such jails.

However some privileged criminals who are into high grade illegal activities have A Class jails. For example, daughter of former prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif is sentenced a VIP jail for her high grade criminal acts. Here is the jail meant for her,

These are the images from Sihala Rest house that is declared as sub jail for Maryam Nawaz until further orders. However reports say that father-daughter spent the first night in Adiala Jail as Maryam refused to go to rest house and leaving her father alone in the jail.

We all are equal before law. In my opinion all criminals should be treated in same way WITHOUT discrimination.

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