Incredible People of Pakistan

Soil of Pakistan is enriched with talent, passion and urge to touch the skies. I, as a part of feel honored whenever I write about the successful Pakistanis who make their names prominent on national and international fronts through their hard work and optimistic approach. These are the people who believe in the truthfulness of their dreams, and they know how to chase them with untiring efforts. Indeed, where there is a will, there is a way. These incredible Pakistanis follow their wills and find their ways.

Today we are listing four Pakistanis who have inspired us in many ways.

Mohammad Bilal Munir

Mohammad Bilal Munir Pakistan

Internationally acclaimed health coach Mohammad Bilal Munir has certifications in Sports, Crossfit, Boot Camp, Rehab, Nutrition and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). M.Bilal Munir is a head trainer at Spartan Fitness. He has qualifications in sports from Singapore and UAE. Bilal is an expert in Crossfit. He also has certification in Ace personal training. Currently he is the only trainer in Pakistan with expertise in Precision Nutrition level 1. In total, he has 20 certifications in field of fitness. Apart from fitness capability, he is professionally a first class cricketer as well.

Hima Raza

Hima Raza Pakistan

Hima Raza is the CEO at Mirrors by Tazeen, saloon and spa. In 1995, Hima’s mother started the saloon. She joined her mother at the age of 16. Her utmost efforts and innovative thinking make the business grow. Mirrors is a renowned saloon and spa specialized in providing services in makeup, skin and hair. They honor their clients in every possible way from dealing to services. Their expertise in making women beautiful also extends to advertisements and editorial makeup and hair.

Atif Bin Arif

Atif bn Arif Pakistan


The story of Atif Bin Arif is like a tale of patriotism and indeed an inspiration for many. He was sitting in his traveling agency and thinking of doing something for his city, Karachi. In passion to do something in tourism as it was his line of interest. Atif contacted Bilal Hasan because of his knowledge about different spots in Karachi where he could take his tourists. Thus they made a team of two. They went to different historical and religious places to seek permission of bringing people for tourism. Initially they didn’t get much positive response from many places. But few of them allowed them. So it all started. Hence Super Sawari is the first Guided City Tour Service that aims to educate the general masses about the heritage of Pakistan and promoting tourism.

Humayun Alamgir

Humayun Alamgir Pakistan

Humayun Alamgir is reputable fashion designer from Karachi. He has his name in men’s fashion and undoubtedly he has given men’s fashion a new direction. We see many celebrities from media and sports being brand face of Humayun’s great aesthetic and fashion sense. His expertise specializes in bridal/groom suiting and footwear. Humayun Alamgir made his way to fashion industry with hard work and utmost efforts with the use of his inborn qualities and sense of style and fashion.  He has a vision of satisfaction in success. In addition, Hamayun’s father is former Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Federation (PBSF) president Alamgir Shaikh, who is a Pride of Performance award winner from Government of Pakistan.

Moreover, All four of them are nominated by Karachi CEO Youth awards to acknowledge their achievements.