Inauguration Drama at Services Hospital Lahore

Ghazi Ilm Din block at Services hospital was recently inaugurated by the Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif.  Should we recap on a quick history lesson? What does the name Ghazi Ilmdin stand for? It is so pathetic it is funny in a sad way. This might seem like a strange mix of emotions in the previous sentence but we are living in such times. Our lives are funny in a sad pathetic way.

On the onset it is wonderful news, a new block, better facilities, better healthcare; but this is exactly where the irony of it all begins. The drama that unfolds after such inaugurations is nothing new. Many a times we have seen our big shots visiting a place that gets up cleaned and cleared to make an impression.  But why every time?

watch here

The nine floor building cost more than one billion rupees to facilitate the patients. At the inauguration Shahbaz Sharif told the media how the block is aimed at giving latest facilities to the patients. He also lost no time in being sarcastic and holier than thou towards his opposition as well. However, it might have been fruitful if he had added a line or two about not wrapping up all new block and its facilities once he left.

Who is messing with the public? Does Shahbaz Sharif know that soon as he stepped out of the hospital all new medical equipment, medicines, and even the flower pots outside were cleared away. Is he part of this shame? Or do these kinds of things happen without their knowledge? On whose orders did the hospital staff start to clear up the new block of the equipment and medicines kept to impress the CM?

My own friend, a doctor herself, who works with Services Hospital, is witness to the the useless , shameless drama that ensued after the inauguration.

CM at Services hospital

Where is the public? Right at the very bottom of a messed up hierarchy of power, who in the end only gets a drop of what they truly deserve; just like the political cartoon above.