Imran Khan’s Look Alike

You would have never seen someone’s duplicate to be as good as this one in the video below. But here it is, watch it for yourself, Imran Khan but not really!

Incredible, isn’t it? We have seen people’s doppelgangers but this look alike of Imran Khan is too good to be true. From the thumbnail of this video, one cannot imagine this person to be the ‘humshakal’ of IK but actually IK himself! However, once you watch the entire video, dood ka dood aur pani ka pani ho jata hai. 

He has done a good job with his keeping his hairstyle and hand movements exactly like Imran Khan. On closer look you do see that  IK has a broader athletic built while this pathan doesn’t.

While his side profile and most of his body language has an uncanny resemblance to Imran Khan, his smile and younger appearance does reveal the truth.