Imran Khan! Its Time to Show Transparency!

The history of Pakistan has few examples when the nation united and made its own fate. In my 3-decades life, I have observed few such example. The 8th October, 2005 Earthquake, Massive floods, Zainab Murder Case and Victory of Imran Khan in elections 2018.

Six Reasons Why Imran Khan Victory Speech Was Amazing

The victory of Imran Khan was not about voting only. Its about the big bunch `expectations we as a nation have from Imran Khan. Unfortunately IK has no way out. He always targeted youth, and youth sees Imran Khan as problem of all its problems. Then its victory speech was like taboot mei aakhiri keel. NOW the public is not going to bear any injustice.

Even before taking the oath, Imran Khan has to deal with the Imran Ali Shah issue.

Imran Ali Shah Slapped A Poor Man Daud Chohan!

The newly elected PTI MPA slapped a motorist Daud Chohan in broad daylight. The video went viral on social media.

Later the MPA went to Daud Chuhan and apologised,

Imran Ali Shah

Daud Chohan is the senior deputy director of coordination at Civil Aviation Authority. He accepted the apology, and said,

“cannot let anyone, who comes to my door, leave empty-handed”.

“The matter is now in [PTI chief] Imran Khan’s court; I hope he will do justice,” he added, noting that his car did not hit Shah’s but of another motorist. We had resolved the matter whereafter Imran Ali Shah slapped me.

“I’m a poor man, I don’t wish to pursue any legal action. Imran Ali Shah is wealthy and powerful and has dozens of guards,” Chauhan said.

Though he said, “still [doesn’t] understand why Imran Ali Shah beat me?”

Now heres the whole story… Public wants justice from Imran Khan