If Courage Had a Face- Moiz Shaukat!

Allah make human with different capabilities. It is up to him to figure out the best he can do by utilizing the resources he has. Moiz Shaukat is the living example in front of all of us who does not fear of anything to fulfill his desires. We are really thankful to Moiz for taking out time for Tubelight.pk. Let us read what he has to tell about his journey:

1. Tell us about yourself, and about your journey to this point. 

I’m Moiz Shaukat. I’m 18 years old and a student of A-levels (A2) at Lahore Grammar School. I’m Pakistan’s Youngest Writer, Author (Just finished my first ever book and working on the second book), Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Peace Ambassador, Chairman at Dream Builders, Founder at ‘The Inspirational Stories of Pakistan’, Got ‘Pakistan’s Best Young Inspirational of 2k17’ award. I strongly influence youngsters and urge them to excel. My life goals used to be directed towards following a traditional pathway that was set for me. I always challenge the simplicity of life because I know that nothing exciting happens in comfort zone.

2. What made you decide, despite your condition, that you will dare to do something different? What was the main motivation which started out everything?

My parents are the driving force behind the refinement of my skills. I use the power of technology to transform lives, communicate ideas which lead to great discoveries. In adverse situations, many would give up and think that the world has nothing more left for them. But that is not true. I owe much of my success to my parents and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. The role of my parents in my life is simply stupendous. My readiness for learning and responsible behavior gave me various opportunities to excel. My mentor’s utmost support and encouragement impacted my life in a manner that imparted confidence and positive energy. I am an embodiment of saying yes to life! I started motivating people through different platforms. I determined to learn about the world and to improve the lives of others. I got the award of BEST YOUNG INSPIRATIONAL PERSONALITY AWARD and I’m one of the Young Motivational Speakers of Pakistan.

3.Tell us about your ventures, especially about Dream Builders. What does your NGO hope to achieve, and how far do you think you are from your goal?

We Youth have taken an initiative by the name of Dream Builders for serving deserving people. Dream Builders is an initiative that is aimed to revive and induce that very feeling of patriotism and enthusiasm which was observed by people a couple of years back. It is to motivate every Pakistani to believe that they deserve a better Pakistan and they own. Students of different colleges & universities are the team members of this project and working as volunteers. We are working for orphans, street beggars and in common for underprivileged children. We aim to give them access to better education and bright future.

I think I’m much far from my goal, but we are trying our level best to achieve our goal and we will achieve our goal Insha’Allah.

4. What obstacles have you faced in your journey up till now?

When I was in school, it was the identity that I was given a “Disabled guy” (Who can’t walk properly). During this part of my life, I realized that this doesn’t sound right to me, it sounds too hopeless, it sounds too upsetting and sad.

Well, not just for me but for the person who’s addressing me, as well.

This whole circle didn’t appeal to me that much. So, I decided to change this identity for good. At that time, I considered myself and asked myself what do you have, what can you do?

The only thing I had were my hands I found strength in, so it was decided; I had to use my hands.


5.Tell us about your book, a brief storyline, and what inspired you to write the story.

My mentor inspired me to write the story. The book is all about how we are ruining our life in useless things. We are here to spread positivity, help everyone and serving humanity. So I just finished this book and I hope this book will be published in few months.

6. You’re also a motivational speaker, what is the main element do you think, is essential for being a motivational speaker?

I believe that boundaries exist only in minds and if you are truly passionate about something, nothing in this world can stop you from achieving that. I used to attend different effective and skillful Workshops/Conferences to enhance my exposure and experience in my childhood.

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My videos bring new energy to my life. My videos not only influence youngsters but many top celebrities of the subcontinent. Many TV channels and top celebrities also invited me to encourage me. I know how to win people. I had the choice to make entertaining videos, but I preferred to make life skills in my impressive entertaining style. I love to greet wonderful new day every day. I frequently remind my audiences that people become what they think about most of the time. I always prove that nothing is impossible for a willing heart. I’m a true believer in my parent’s words that the faith makes everything possible. I firmly believe that knowledge is to be shared. I’m keen to read self-help books every day. I advocate a better way of responding to disappointments and frustration. I usually quote/says:

“We are responsible for all the negative things in our lives because we attract negative things by thinking negative”.

7. Pakistan is slowly heading towards being an inclusive society and people are now more aware of the differently abled than ever. Do you think that fact is correct in your opinion? 

My entire life is a struggle to know who I truly was, now that I’ve discovered myself I’m not going back. The realization liberated me, had kicked out the thoughts of loug kya kahein gein. I simple stopped caring. I neither accepted defeat nor gave up. People are here just to speak but we should not show our attention to negative things as the people who speak negative are just attention seekers. This fact is somehow correct in my opinion, but I don’t agree fully with the statement.

8. What are the three things you would like to change about the world?

One cannot appreciate light until he has tasted darkness. I excel the art of helping people find that missing spark in life and the urge to bring a change. A change that will move you to new levels of success and serenity of mind and soul. I courageously advocate intellectual optimism not to be restricted in thoughts. The things I would love to change about the world are:

  1. Ensure access to clean drinking water for every human being on the planet.
  2. All children would receive a high-quality education.
  3. Last but not least that there will be a cure for life threatening diseases and
  4. Lastly, making sure that all humans have good quality medication and healthcare if they get sick. These are just about healthcare which should be changed.

9. What would you like to say to people who are currently struggling to be better at their own capacities?

 Many great ideas have been lost because the people who had them could not stand being laughed at. I entertainingly discuss failures and gives tips to overcome them. I always bring out best in people.

It was such a healthy and fruitful discussion which surely would leave a positive impact to our readers. We wish you great luck Moiz in your future endeavors.