Humaima Malick Shares Her Bad Experience of Harassment at Nishat Hotel Lahore

The Bol star Humaima Malick has shared her bad experience of staying at the renowned Nishat Hotel Lahore. The hotel management clearly intrude the privacy of its guest Humaima Malick by sharing her personal information to others staying in the same hotel. Humaima Malick tweeted last night.

Humaima has mentioned names from the management of Nishat Hotel, Mr. Talha and Mr. Imran.

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She has further shared the screen shots of results she had to face because of her personal data sharing,

So thats the whole issue. It is indeed height of irresponsibility from the end of hotel’s management. However, I feel harassment is a bit more intense word for privacy intrusion. Unfortunately in our part of world we take harassment for very extreme meanings.

Hotels should work in training of their staff to respect the privacy of their guests.