Humaima Malick Opens Up About Her DIVORCE on Social Media After 8 Years

Personal lives of Celebrities are always interesting for fans. Or to be clearer, fans want to know about the lives of artists especially their affairs, break ups and marriages. Humaima Malick is a big name of Pakistan’s Media industry. While watching her on screen, we have never thought about anything disturbing that she might have been through.

The Bol girl has recently talked about her divorce in an instagram post.

The brilliant actress, Humaima Malick was married to Shamoon Abbasi was short period of time. It was the time she was shooting for Bol when Shamoon divorced her.

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So now we can get the point how come she performed so well in Bol. Yes the performance was straight from her heart. Remembering the movie, I feel her tears were real. It was her real life trauma that could be felt in the most emotional scenes of Shoman’s masterpiece.

The good point is, divorce was not the end of life for Humaima. In fact it was she beginning of her success.

We wish Humaima success and happiness at every step.