‘Hug Your Child Extra Tight Today…” RIP Kobe and Gianna Byrant

We wake up everyday, plan our day, and start moving. We follow the same routine everyday, sometimes we do little extra, and sometimes give ourselves break and do little less. What so ever, we take our everyday, every minute, every breath, every relation for granted. As if things would stay like this forever.

However it is fact, a cruel fact that things will not stay the same way forever. We are not even sure about the next moment.

The basketball legend Kobe Bryant, wrote on 26th January, moments before his flight;

Kobe Bryant

He was schedule to reach at a basketball camp where he had to coach the basketball to kids. Who knew that he would never be able to make it, and would leave the world in a merciless helicopter crash.

Start valuing your day… love yourself, love and respect everyone around you…

Beautiful clicks from Kobe’s and Gianna Lives…