Why Should Kids Speak Multiple Languages?

Your kid speaking multiple languages changes his brain. Bilingual effects on your brain are always productive. Research shows that brain structure and networks of bilinguals are different than monolinguals. This article throws light on how the mind processes carrying multiple languages?

How bilingual brain works?
kids speaking multiple languages
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Both languages are active in the mind at all times. That means you can’t turn off any language at any time. Languages are also in competition with each other. This means bilinguals have to mentally juggle the two languages. If they wish to find meaning or synonym in one language, and could not come up with the word, their mind automatically starts working on finding the synonym or meaning in another language. This reform the mind in support of each language.

My personal experience

My four years old son is a perfect example of this in front of me these days. He knows Urdu, Swedish, English and Sign Language. When he couldn’t respond in one language, he automatically takes help from another. And this becomes him much more confident as he is able to deliver what he wishes to by this way.

Judith F. Kroll, Pennsylvania State University Cognitive Scientist states that

Bilinguals are really a model of cognitive control.

Research on babies exposed to many languages
kids speaking multiple languages
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One study compares babies brought up in two different languages than those exposed to just one language. It was found that kids who speak multiple languages look differently when listening to people talk. Such kids tend to look at speakers’ mouth rather than eyes. Researchers believe that babies must be looking for non-verbal cues as to the language being spoken. Another study shows that not all bilingual brains are the same. They differ depending on the languages they speak, the way they learn and how they use them.

You might have already seen a video which got viral last year, in which a four years old Russian girl stole a show by showing her grip in seven different languages. This incredible talent of little Bella surprised the audience and world. Click here to view such great talent.

So, make sure your kids speaking multiple languages for their brain to work more effectively 😉