How Do We Say that We Love Kashmir When We’ve No Single Change in Our Lives???

Man is a social animal. He cannot survive without depending on others. Directly or indirectly we all are dependent on each other. See the hierarchy of a common family. A kid is dependent on his mother for all his needs, mother is dependent on husband for fulfilling the financial needs. Husband is dependent on his boss/business for the capital and the circle goes on and on.

Losing Jammu and Kashmir in hand of Cartographers 

In our lives, we see there are some facts from which no one disagrees. But there are other facts as well which are not termed as ground realities but there is no disagreement to them as well. For example, when a child wants to have something “extra”, he tries to make her happy by becoming a Acha Bacha, doing all what she wants, behaves properly, does not create any mess, etc. For a housewife, lets take the example of maid. She will become a super perfect house help a day before asking for off. We all do it! Whoever our boss is, we try to make him/her happy so that we can convince him to fulfil our demands.

In case of Kashmir, we know that we have a direct line with someone who has complete authority on Kashmir freedom. In a fraction of second, Wo baazi palat sakta hai. It is quite possible that wen we wake up tomorrow Kashmir becomes part of Pakistan, Kashmiris celebrating Eid-ul-Azha with us. IT IS POSSIBLE!

The King of Kings can do anything. He does not need Asbaab (circumstances) like we do… So, are we actually asking him? we would say yes, we are praying for Kashmir day and night. But is praying enough?

Imagine your child is severely ill. His temperature is on continuous rise. What would be your behaviour? you will check the temperature, put the thermometer back in the drawer and start watching TV?

No!!! you would act like crazy! you will take care of him as much as you can. You will keep on checking the temperature, you will give him most appropriate food, you will massage his legs and head, and you will totally forget that you have a life outside this kid!

Are we doing same in the case of Kashmir?

We know that Allah has powers to take Kashmir out of the misery. But are we doing anything to convince Allah to use these powers? Is there any change in our routines? We all know very well what Allah wants from us. Are we doing it?

For once in our life, are we doing anything to please Allah so that He gets convinced and stop the brutal killings of our brothers and sisters in Kashmir?

We are expecting blockbuster movies this Eid-ul-Azha.

Imagine yourself sitting in the cinema, having pop corns and drinks, enjoying every bit of dances and songs and glamour etc.

Suddenly a group of people enter the cinema with dust on their hands as they just put their little ones in graveyard, misery on their faces as they haven’t eaten properly since weeks, blood on their shirts as they picked up so many dead bodies martyred by Indian Army. They are looking at you with a thousand questions in their eyes…

Do you have any answer to them?

Please wake up, and make you Allah happy with you so that he agrees to take out Kashmir from misery…

I am doing my part. I m not putting any entertainment news on my blog. What about you?