Hotel Tips for Upcoming Vacation

Traveling is a lot of fun and at the same time, it requires a lot of planning as well. It is hard to take out time from our busy job and university schedules. Sometimes it can get extra hard to plan a trip that is not just affordable but also fun. One of the important things that we all look for while planning a vacation is hotel accommodation. So here are some tips to make that part of your holiday a tad bit easy.

Booking In Advance

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Almost everyone books hotel accommodation in advance. Mentioning the purpose of stay while booking in advance may get you a little special treatment as a surprise. For example, if you are travelling to celebrate anniversaries or a special event etc, the hotel staff may arrange something according to your event.

Hotel Distances

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Many times hotels tend to sell their location as being ideal and closer to the main tourist attractions. In reality however, the distance from the hotel to the sightseeing places turn out to be more than initially described.  Hence it is wise to check the location of the shortlisted places to visit and their distance from your booked hotel. This will not just save you some time but also a lot of hassle.

Hotel Package Deals

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Hotels have many different package deals for their guests so that they could enjoy their stay. The package deals however are not always the best. A lot of times the activities and things that are part of the deal are not even useful or according to one’s taste. It is good to be careful before buying the package deal from hotels in hopes of getting special rates. As it turns out, the special rates for many things in one package is some times more than the regular rates.

Airfare and Hotel Room Package

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When booking your tickets, it is good to talk to your travel agency about travel package combined with accommodation/hotel stay. A little research could save you the hassle and who knows get you a better deal for your money.

Hotel Staff

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Who doesn’t like being treated nicely? The same applies to when you stay in hotels. Treating the staff generously will create goodwill for as long as you stay. Just simply adding a thank you, friendly gestures, a morning hello to the hotel staff will make them feel at ease. The courtesy on your end will also increase the staff’s help towards you which is an added perk especially when travelling to a new city or country.

Driving and Parking

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If you plan to rent a car and drive around yourself, it’s best to ask relevant questions in advance. It is wise to look for hotels that have free or discounted parking rates. If you don’t plan to use hotel parking,  install a good app that can help you find parking spaces in nearby areas at lesser rates than the hotels.  But in any case, as a tourist, you should be prepared to walk an extra mile.


So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get going, end of year is a good time to become a globetrotter so that you could come back to work with new hopes and a fresh perspective.