5 Horrors of Living on Rent

Life is not easy. This is something we all learn as soon as we enter practical life. But no one ever tells you it gets harder if you happen to live on rent.

Please read on your own risk especially if you happen to be one of those landlords. And if you happen to be a victim of living on rent, your problems may be different from the ones below.

1. Is there a party going on?

Living on rent

Is there a way one could avoid having loud landlords? I have always seen in TV dramas and Indian films where the landlady is annoyed with the loud, rowdy group of tenant. However sometimes thing can be a little twisted. On a positive note one gets to have free entertainment with their daily drama. And as I speak of drama, it is cherry on the cake when the landlords watch their TV with volume on full, so you can switch on the same channel and keep it on mute. Do I save some electricity if I m keeping my TV’s volume down?

2. Writing on the wall : No hangings!

living on rent

It is always a bummer when you as a tenant cannot nail your walls if you want to put up some of your own art work.

3. The fault in our drains

living on rent

Faulty drains could be a pain in the backside that your landlord doesn’t seem to believe in as if you just pointed out a unicorn in your closet. No matter what you do, the landlord dismisses the idea of anything faulty in the place you just rented.  What clogged drains? Not possible, we gave the place in perfect condition. Never heard of a faulty drain before.  If you press on about the drain situation and explain the vile smell that fries your brains every morning, your landlord is bound to give a perfect solution which is only a little heavy on your pocket.

4. Bol meri machli kitna pani ?

living on rent

Have you ever gone to the loo ( oh so British) or as we say washroom and found at a very very critical stage that there is not even a drop of water in the taps? You are running late for work, turn on the shower and voila! No water! Yay! No problem this is a very common scenario even for those who don’t live on rent. So you hurry down to switch on the ‘motor’. Just wait for it. You discover that the main switch is turned off from the inside. Which means running back up and calling your landlord early morning only to discover they are not home! What happens next? Shhh. *Lights fade and curtains drop*

6. Kaisa paisa ?

Lastly. Phew! The rent. You thought this post would end without any mention about constant threat of rent going up? Well, well, well.

living on rent


Postscript: There was some truth in the words above, my friends. But all in good humour.

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