A Call to Muslims for Helping Palestine!

By Zainab Feroz


Are you feeling the helplessness? That feeling of despair…….that you can’t do anything…..as you watch millions of your brothers die?

You try to carry on with your life, but you can’t help thinking about them, every time you take a sip of water, have a hot meal or look at your children smile….

That horrible feeling of emptiness and guilt, as you watch them suffer on your screen while you sip your tea, safe and cozy in your homes.

There is so much that you want to do, you are longing to stop this genocide, wipe the tears of that innocent child, hug that helpless mother who calls her child again and again…but he doesn’t respond….

Brave Mothers of Gaza

Your heart screams for them, but you don’t have the means to help…

Most of us have been going through similar feelings, just longing to do something.

I have decided to share a few things with my fellow Muslims, which may not be enough but they are definitely better than nothing.

Gaza Suffering 

The first steps that we can take are to create awareness on social media and let the world know what is going on and who is the actual villain? There is a reason Instagram keeps on trying to prevent people from sharing the reality, that is genocide of Palestinians, it means spreading awareness has an impact on the Israelis and they are doing what is in their power to prevent it. 

There is a reason why Israelis keep on doing internet blackouts in Palestine, trying to prevent those helpless people from reaching out.

Secondly, we can boycott American and Israeli products, which may lower their sales and force them to reconsider their decision of genocide.

On the long run some people say that our boycotting may not affect them much since Muslims don’t have a very good economy and it is going to harm it even more.

Well, I tell you, it may not work at all, since there is no doubt America has a huge economy but this is how we can condemn what they are doing and express our protest through this act.

When I think deeply, I believe the reason this is happening is because we Muslims are weak, we are not financially and militarily strong enough to stop this oppression.

 It is because we have grown lazy and fallen in love with the attractions of this world, we have forgotten the real reason of our creation….. Our greed and worldly desires have left our minds useless and our refusal to work hard has left us weak, both in this world and the hereafter.

I believe we should wake up and start working hard, we should make our children what Muslims are meant to be…..We should focus on being financially and academically (in both religion and science)  strong.

We must work on creating a generation so strong, that no one dares to lift an eye on innocent children, we need to have enough power that people think twice before murdering innocent Muslim men and women.

What is happening now is unbearable, but the only way to completely stop it to become formidable.

Many may argue that the hard work of one person may not have any effect in the long run, but believe me, we are not answerable for the result, but for the efforts we made.

If you really hate what’s happening in Palestine, then come….let us work together and create a people whom we can be proud of, who are capable of ending this oppression….

Last but not the least we will pray to Almighty Allah, for our Palestinian brothers, for dua is no doubt a powerful weapon……..