Healthy Fast Food

Fast food has become one of the most serious problems that threaten our societies and the health of our children as well, where diseases caused by obesity associated with fast food are killing annually more than wars do. Fast food is one of the factors that lead to obesity. According to World Health Organization report, at least 2.8 million people die annually from conditions strongly linked to overweight. I strongly believe that there should be healthy fast food options available in the market.

Healthpreneurs should start thinking seriously about offering healthier fast food through improving the fast food production without eliminating the idea or the habit of eating fast food at all.

Healthpreneurs failure

If healthpreneurs fail to find healthy fast food options, the whole world will be in a big crisis. Many types of weight-related diseases such as heart diseases and blood pressure spread faster than expected. It generates a world full of diseases. It is because harmful ingredients are used in the fast food products production such as high rates of preservatives, saturated fat and artificial flavors.

Interview with a victim

I got a chance to interview a person suffered from over-weight due to the habit of eating fast food. He used to eat fast food about four to five times a week. As he was working at one of the most popular fast food restaurants, he found it cheaper and easier to buy readymade meals than cooking at home. All employees were getting a discount on all meals by 30%. And that was another motivation to buy such meals. In two years, he put on weight to more than 30 kg and he began to face breathing difficulties as well. At that moment, he decided to quit this job and started seeking another job.

He added, “Another experience I had during my work in that restaurant was about the oil used for frying. It was used for few weeks before changing with new oil, which can also lead to many diseases.”

Future Generations

healthy fast food

We must be responsible for our upcoming generations. And try our best to provide them healthier food and better health. Fast food not only affects the health of our kids badly, but it has more adverse effects on it. It plays a negative role on their behaviors and lifestyle because an easy and effortless access to fast foods makes them think that they don’t need to make any effort to get food as long as there is a possibility to get ready-to-eat food. Here is a risk that this harmful habit may become deeper and worsen when our children grow up. Because it will make them lazy.

One day I saw a documentary about obesity in America associated with food behavior. It was a big shock for me to know that the proportion of children with obesity from 6-11 years In the USA is over 20%. The biggest shock was when I saw one of the obese children named Jimmy, 12 years old, can barely move inside the house. He has not been out of the house for years because he is hardly moving.

Through this kind of food, we are increasing waste unknowingly. Stopped by at fast food outlets after a tired shopping or walking in the mall. Consider again before taking part in the queue. A recent study shows fast food wrappers are as much dangerous as ‘junk’ food itself. Wrapping paper in the fast foods contains perfluoroalkyl toxins that pollute blood. Perfluoroalkyl is a toxic chemical used to coat the surface of the wrapper so it will not leak due to oil, grease or water. Phosphate deposits perfluoroalkyl (Pap) or fraction of perfluorinated carboxylic acid (PFOA) in food packaging led to blood ‘piss’.

Providing healthier food is the need of an hour. Open new or revamp existing restaurants or cafes which offer customers to determine the number of calories, protein, and carbohydrate desire in their meals. Ask about the ingredients. Add green salads to your appetite. Look not only for calorie intake in each burger, drink or a piece of cake. But its long-term impact on your health. Let’s strive for a healthy, diseasefree society.

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