“Hayei Mei Lut Gai Hayei Mei Marr Gai, This is All Khadija has to Say”-Shah Hussain

Many times we come across some kind of people and think, inko Allah se zara khauf nai aata… Today I thought this on watching this video


I watched this video thrice but couldn’t find find Shah Hussain saying a single time that he didn’t stabbed Khadijah in broad daylight. He is just trying to convince us that Khadija was desperate to marry him, and he was pressurised to do so. He wants media to give his point of view as well. He says that there is a propaganda against him created by Khadija Siddiqi as he rejected her proposal.

Justice Butchered! Says Khadija Siddiqi

I have no personal or direct acquaintance with Khadija Siddiqi, but I desperately want her to get justice. This is so because we need to end this culture of sayein to sayein, sayein ka bacha b sayein. Everyday we normal people witness people like Shah Hussain showing their power. But at some point this culture needs an end.

The civil society is supporting Khadija whole heartedly. Khadija seemed very happy as the case is now under Asif Saeed Khosa.

We wish Khadija all the very best. May the justice prevails.