Hareem Farooq’s story of looking Gorgeous

Somehow or other, most of us face weight problems throughout the life span. However it a matter of fact that being overweight affects the entire personality of a human being, be it physical or mental. Overweight people are mostly convinced on a stance that their weight cannot come down due to multiple reasons and so they do not even try to work out. However there are few who commit themselves that they will bring down their weight and they stick to it until they achieve their goals. Hareem Farooq is one of them.

Hareem Farooq is a very pretty face. When she first appeared on screen, she was not a very skinny, like in Mausam by Hum TV, but even then she looked pretty.

Although now, after losing so much weight, she looks like a beauty queen. Hareem Farooq is a marvelous actor. In an interview at a private channel, she shared that when she decided to make her name in acting, it was then she realized that she needs to put off her weight.

She continued that her weight was 103 kg at that time, and it was near to impossible for her to lose, but she worked hard and didn’t give up until she reached her desired goal. She reduced 33 kg, which is indeed a BIG DEAL.


On seeing her recent pictures, nobody can believe that she was a woman with 103 kg. In every affair of life, whether it’s about appearance or achieving something, all we need is commitment, hard work and believe in faith. One can achieve everything through these virtues.  Hareem Farooq is a living example of this.