Hareem Farooq Met Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and We’re Like WOW!!!

Hareem Farooq in her recent trip to Canada, met JustinTrudeau. She took to instagram to tell the world about her amazing meeting with Canadian prime minister.


She wrote, “What a moment. An all-time career hgh when I got to meet the charming and amazing Justin Trudeau as a part of my trip to Canada,”

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She further added, “Had a talk about the entertainment industry of Pakistan and how we can work together on bridging the gaps between the two countries with collaborations of films, dramas, music and talent.”


Hareem farooq meeting justine trudeau

In the end she addressed her fans and said, “Love my job as an actor and producer which opens such doors for me … and love my fans from all over the world whose unconditional love and support helps me keep pushing the boundaries for women in Pakistan.”

Thats amazing. At least now Pakistanis are changing their image from a backward state to a progressing one.