Hamza Ali Abbasi Getting Married to Naimal Khawar! There Couldn’t Be More Perfect Match!

The crush of every girl Hamza Ali Abbasi is getting married with Naimal Khawar on 25th of August. And we strongly believe that both couldn’t have more perfect match than getting married to each other. Hamza Abbasi have always been in good books of everyone. From his humble and down to earth personality to his patriotism. Everything is always loved!

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Participation in Akhuwat Foundation Event

Naimal Khawar, the new face in town speedily made her place in the world of glamour with her debut appearance in Anaa. She became so popular in Anaa that we like to watch her more eagerly than Hania Amir.

Here goes few clicks of would be Mr and Mrs Hamza Ali Abbasi

hamza Ali abbasi marriage

hamza Ali abbasi marriage

hamza Ali abbasi marriage hamza Ali abbasi marriage

and the wedding invitation

And the jokes obviously 😂

It looks like Hamza Abbasi is getting married Saadgi Se, as per expectations. We are getting to know about the wedding only 5-6 days before the event, so there are no ‘prolonged’ celebrations.

We wish the couple all the very best😌