Journalists are the vocals of general public. The public trusts them for all their ideologies. In such atmosphere of trust, getting news about the injustice from the ends of journalists is indeed very devastating. Hamid Mir is one of the most trustworthy personalities of modern age. On Saturday, 4th November, Islamabad Police filed a case against Hamid Mir, a renowned journalists and TV anchor on allegations of kidnapping.

Islamabad High Court took the decision of registering this case. Mr. Khalid Khawaja’s widow, Shamama Malik filed a petition stated that her husband was allegedly kidnapped from his residence G-10/2 sector in March 2010 from Islamabad.

In response to Shamama Malik, FIR was registered at Ramna Police Station. As per the complaint, Ms. Malik alleged Usman Punjabi and Hamid Mir involved in kidnapping of her husband. The complaint further says that Mr. Khawaja was shifted to North Waziristan later. On 30th April, 2010, his bullet riddled body was recovered from Karan Kot. The complaint further says that no autopsy was conducted after the body being taken to Islamabad. Ms. Malik also says, “my son lodged a complaint at Shalimar police station over the incident, but no action was taken, except registration of a report.”

She added, “The police also did not record the version of my son.” According to Ms Malik, Hamid Mir and her husband had clashes on operation of Lal Masjid.

That is the reason Usman Punjabi and Hamid Mir kidnapped and later murdered Mr Khawaja. An audio recording of conversation has been detected as well between Usman Punjabi and Hamid Mir on Khawaja’s case and is present in record at Shalimar Police Station Islamabad.

Hamid Mir says that the whole story is an attempt to blackmail him. According to him, court has issued orders against him without giving him chance to clarify.


Via Dawn News