Halina Khan-A Rising Star!

By Sahar Iqbal

Halina Khan famously known as HK is a Pakistani-born singer-songwriter. She hailed from Lahore and born on 19th March 1994, Halina started her career as a model and has done covers for renowned designers like Ali Xeeshan, Tabbasum Mughal, Huma Adnan and so many more. She has done walks for famous platforms like Bridal Couture Week and PFDCand Riwaj London.

Halena Khan

Coming from a business-oriented family Halina has an entrepreneurial mindset. She is a fashion designer who is running her couture line ‘Halina Khan Couture’ successfully in Lahore.  Halina Khan is a multi-tasker with multiple talents and passions, singing is one of them. Though Halina Khan has no formal music education, she has dedicatedly learned singing from major gurus of the industry.

She grew up listening to Noor Jahan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, ReshmaJee, Sajjad Ali, Lata Mangeshkar, and others. Her singing career started with her pop album which will be released near Eid-ul-Azha. She is the first female artist in Pakistan who is working at Hip Hop Punjabi Bhangra. She is currently working on her music album.

Halena Khan

Please tell us about yourself;

My name is Halina Khan, I am a singer/model/fashion designer. I was born and raised in this amazingly cultured city Lahore. I am also studying LAW at the moment.

  1. What skills have you learned that will help you in your singing career? What made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment?

I have always been inclined towards arts and fashion. When I was a kid, I used to sing, dance, and act in secret. Art has always been a part of myself that I could never let go and this instinct has driven me to work in the entertainment industry. I started off my career as a model but always have a passion for singing at heart. I started working on my vocals from a very young age. Currently, I am working on an album that will be releasing soon.

2. What kind of singer would you classify yourself as? What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to 10 years?

When I joined the music industry, I didn’t know what was the right platform for myself, there was no one to guide me but somehow Allahconnected me to the right people. I have made a pledge with myself that I will create a platform for budding singers where they will not only be trained for singing but will also be launched.

3. Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

My law degree and traveling

4. What strengths do you have that you believe make you a great singer?

My voice and my passion.

Halena khan

 5. Do you have any weaknesses that you’re actively working to improve on?

I use to trust people but not anymore.

6. Which instrument is your favorite to play and why?

I am learning guitar and piano at the moment. It’s very soothing for my soul.

7. What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

It makes me connect to the emotions of the people around me.

8. Describe your favorite and least favorite part about being a singer?

My favorite and least favorite part is the same you have to work really hard to make your place in this industry.