Groom Entry in Undertaker Style & Social Media Going Crazy

Weddings are a big deal in Pakistan. We love extravaganza. Not just in terms of spending a lot of money but also having fun extravagantly. The video you are about to watch below is of one such groom. Unlike many grooms who choose to make an entry on their mehndi and barat, this one chose to keep things a little more macho than just plain romantic or goofy.

You can enjoy the video here

Instead of riding a rickshaw or dancing on a bhangra tune, or entering with his entourage wearing goofy shades; this groom chose to enter like the Undertaker. He kept the atmosphere dark, music deep, holding the belt he walked with the attitude of Undertaker.

via sportskeeda

While it all seemed different and stood out from all other regular romantic entries, I believe he could have made it more exciting, more dominant. I don’t really watch wrestling but I do know  a thing or two about the aura of the Undertaker.

How about the groom  tried more obvious costume and did something more wild like this:

Or how about he grunted loudly, roared at the guests and took them by surprise? That would have been more fun.

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Well no matter what I or you say, we all did have a good laugh and got entertained by the the quirky approach of the man who just took the plunge and got married. Best of luck!