Grandpa Coke

Do you think you are the greatest Coca-Cola lover? If you have any such doubts or miss conception about yourself, just wipe out. Because the person we are going to introduce to you is REALLY a huge fan of Coca-Cola. How? Let’s see and amaze yourself.

Grandpa Coke

This is 61 years old Hendrik Botha, a South African, who is also known as ‘Grandpa Coke’. He doesn’t take coffee. But drinks 4 liters of coke…. every single day. His first drink of the day is Cola and he sleeps by taking Cola.

Coke Memorabilia

Hendrik has an enormous collection related to Coca-Cola. He has a hobby of collecting Cola cans and its souvenirs since 1995. He loves collecting cans, plates, shirts, jackets, tops, telephones, cars, trucks, bottle openers, key chains, musical instruments, fridge magnets, and decoration pieces.


Coca-Cola Museum

Hendrik has even built a Coke museum in front of his house. He has gone to the extreme lengths to collect memorabilia. The most extreme thing he does after his coke passion is the collection of coke cans by digging into dumps. He then washes them, cleans, dries and displays in his museum.

Attending Concerts

He is also much into attending concerts sponsored by Coca-Cola. Because of his Cola thirst, he normally has to wake up till 12 o’ clock at night or 2 o’ clock in the morning to attend rock cola concerts.

Cola Family

He says that my friends sometimes call me crazy and obsessed. And not everybody understands my fascination towards this drink. But my real support is my wife, Rykie Botha. She has always been very supportive of my passion.

Hendrik Botha & His wife Rykie Botha

Cola Database

He not only collects the souvenirs and cola cans but also maintains a database by filling out an excel spreadsheet. He is even aware of four cans that are still missing from his compilation.

Christmas Coke

Every other year, he invites his peers, relatives, and friends to celebrate Christmas in his coke yard, showing them the ever-increasing coca-cola collection.

So, are you a bigger Coca-Cola fan than Hendrik Botha? If you have any other passions up to this extent, we as team would love to cover you.

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