The ‘Gooras’ Singing Pakistan’s Anthem In Honour Of Major Uqbah

I have been hearing this from many years that Pakistanis have no respect in the international world. Somehow I believed in it too. The green passport has no respect. The immigration officers look down at PAKISTANIS. People have to face lot of problems while traveling.

Few days back we saw Saba Qamar crying in a live show as she was humiliated on an international airport because of her nationality.

All such news are absolutely true. YET, Jis ne izzat karani ho wo kara hi leta hai.

These Britishers are honouring a Pakistani trainer Maj Uqbah. As we can see it was not easy for them to sing our anthem especially Pa-indabaad. But their trainer was so worthy that they had to honour him this way.

Respect, honour, limelight and fame are things we all wish for, but they are not easy to earn. If this guy can make these British cadets respect him, I think we also have chance of not only making our names prominent in international world positively but also we can change the image of Pakistan from a terrorist state (as many think about Pakistan) to the most peaceful state of world.