Good News For American Garden Lovers! Many of its Products are NOW Halal Certified! Listed here

By Zainab Rizwan


Are you Muslim?Do you like American Garden products?

Well there is good news for you if you are a fan…..I was really sad when I received an email from the company almost a year ago, which said that none of the American Garden products were halal except for mustard and vinegar.
Thus I wrote an article sharing this news with my muslim brothers and sisters and also posted the email with it.
So like me, I am sure that many of you would have thrown out the much loved products with a broken heart.
Thanks to Allah, I emailed the company again this year and received a different reply this time;Some other products have also been certified halal and I am sharing the email for your convenience.
American Garden halalamerican garden halal american garden halal
Also all the spices are Halal Certified!American Garden halal
So my friends, cheer up, buy your favourite products and enjoy!