Ghinwa Bhutto & Jemima Goldsmith ‘Aamney Saamney’

I wonder in this age of technology, how people get bluffed by photoshopped images. Yes this has happened recently with Ghinwa Bhutto, the daughter in law of late Zulfiqar Bhutto. A random person tweeted a picture of Jemima Goldsmith, ex wife of upcoming Prime Minister Imran Khan,

The tweet that had the picture became unavailable instantly. However Ghinwa Bhutto might had seen it, so she instantly tweeted,

Firstly, Jemima is not in politics. Wherever she goes, it should not be anyone’s business. But after all Ghinwa Bhutto is a typical desi Pakistani, and also must have PPP affiliation, so she performed her duty of criticising Jemima.  However Jemima is a wise lady with broader spectrum. So she calmly replied,

With this reply, Ghinwa Bhutto proved that she is not a typical politician who follows the policy of kyun laraoon, bhi laraoon. Very decently she apologised Jemima and accepted that she misunderstood,


Here Jemima, as per her image accepted apology and replied,

It didn’t ended here. Jemima further talked to her very politely,

On that Ghinwa replied

and so it all ended on a good note!