Get Over Your Phone Addiction Today!

Too much of smartphone usage is nothing short of what we could call a ‘phone addiction’. The more time we spend using these gadgets, the more it affects our ability to retain new information and form new memories.


Here are a few ways you can follow to overcome your phone addiction:

1. Set Boundaries

phone addiction

You need to set boundaries. Make a conscious effort to allot a particular time during the day in which to check your phone for social media updates. Make an effort to not use the phone before going to bed or right after waking up.

2. Digitally Detox Your Life for Some Activities

phone addiction

Make it a habit to digitally detox your life during certain activities in your day. For example leave your mobile home, in your bag or car when going out on a walk, or when getting into bed. This is the worst as we use mobile the most just before going to bed.

3. Mobile Free Zones

phone addiction
Via TechTalk

Make certain areas of your house mobile free zones. For example, bedrooms and TV lounge so that you can have good family time, and a digital detox before bed.

4. Use Alarm Clocks Instead of Mobile Alarms

Stop setting alarms on your phone.  We make it an excuse that we need phones by our bedside so we could get up on time. Whatever happened to a good old alarm clock?

5. Put Your Notifications on Silent

phone addiction
Via Allaboutmotog

The power of social media is such that as soon as we get a ting/beep sound, we grab our phones to check even the most trivial of notifications. Do yourself a favour and put your notifications on silent.

So are you ready to give yourself a break?

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