Generation’s Greater than Fear Campaign

As soon as the new season begins, all clothing brands start to bombard us with volume after volume of their collection throughout the season. This winter has been no different. However, one brand that has stood out so far this season is Generation. Their winter collection supplement is all about themed around ‘greater than fear’. It also accompanied the Sunday Times edition in October.

Generation showcase their winter collection through women, who also tell their own life story. The appealing factor is that Generation featured people who look normal; real women, who are not a particular waist size or a specific age.

Featured among the models is a graceful middle age woman.  Her story is of going back to university after 20 years to pursue PhD. There is a story of a young girl living with Type 1 diabetes since age 7, who has a penchant for making scrumptious desserts.  As cliché as it has become but we love to comment on people about fat or thin they are, especially girls.  Generation picked one such person, who though has a degree in biochemistry from Toronto, has had her fair share of being teased about her weight all her life. However, her beaming smile gives all the right vibes.

There is a Hazara girl pursuing fashion designing despite her conservative background. It is either thoughtful of Generation to include the underrepresented Hazara tribe or sheer luck (we can’t say for sure, after all she is pursuing modeling).

On the onset this seems to be an interesting approach. It is good to see people who are not all about perfectly contoured cheek bones, stilettos, perfect hair, skin, weight or age.  However, people have reacted to it both positively and negatively. Like they say old habits die hard. Some people couldn’t resist commenting about some women being ‘over weight’ and left comments such as ‘not good’ on the brand’s Instagram page.

In the midst of glamorous modeling shoots, real, normal women, young and old is a breath of fresh air.