Gambhir’s Lashing Out At Afridi On Kashmir Tweet Is Inappropriate

India and Pakistan have been at loggerheads with each other when it comes to the Kashmir issue. News of more casualties of Kashmiris has escalated in the recent days. When things turn ugly in these disputed areas, there is a reaction from people around the world.

Hence when news of casualties from Kashmir came out, Shahid Afridi too tweeted his concern and dismay at the way things are going on.  He expressed his condemnation at the Indian forces and their brutality towards the Kashimiris.

Why is aggression on twitter becoming a norm now?

However, the Indian cricketer  Gambhir was seen ‘over reacting’ to Shahid Afridi’s tweet in rather harsh words.

Following are their tweets.

Shahid Afridi tweet
via Twitter

We don’t understand the tone here

Gautam Ghambir
via Twitter

In response to Gambhir’s tweet, Afridi’s reply was appropriate and sensible unlike the Indian cricketer’s.

Afridi and Ghambir tweets
via Twitter

There seemed no point for Gautam Gambhir to take an aggressive tone in response to Afridi’s tweet which was mainly his concern over the situation in Kashmir.

Our attitudes on social media will not help those fighting for their lives in disputed regions

BBC news reported that twenty people were killed and more than 200 people got injured during these clashes in the Indian occupied Kashmir.

We don’t see how getting aggressive on social media is going to solve problems for either India or Pakistan and especially those facing war in the Occupied Kashmir. Let us rise above our anger and saying ‘our Kashmir’ without thinking of those who are facing terror on daily basis.