From The Mothers of APS Martyrs…

Kids, being the most pure and naïve souls, tend to get scared from the dark. When lights go out, the first word a child utters is that of his mother. As soon as he gets the assurance she’s near with her touch, there’s an element of ease and calm that surrounds him. This serenity is due to the mother’s presence and not because the darkness has gone. The immediate expression however on the face reflects the child’s intense fear.

Similarly if the child gets lost in a crowded area, he starts crying saying “mama”, because he gets scared of strangers. He needs the assurance that he’s surrounded by his loved ones, of which his mother tops the list. The moment he spots his mom’s face in the crowd, he feels content.

16th Dec 2014 was one devastating day in the history of Pakistan whose impact can never be penned in words that would do justice to what people experienced – especially kids. You close your eyes and cannot even imagine the pain those kids would have faced, the fear that fathomed the scared state of innocent minds. The city of flowers was jolted by storm of bullets. Even after a span of 3 years, when you think of how the news reports unveiled the terrorists attack on APS, taking lives of so many innocent young lives, you feel jolted yourself.

Kids must have had a happy day like every day. They would have been naughty, talkative; some kids would have been eating something by hiding it from teacher, someone dreaming to come at first position in class, someone thinking of going back home, and there are countless assumptions pertaining to it. Many kids might be thinking many different situations. All those naïve minds had no clue the calamity that was about to hit them, altering their life and for most, bringing an end. How dearly some must have hoped they’d live but were destined to experience nothing except for devastation – at this moment, you’re at a loss of words, you find yourself lost in a whirlpool of fear. Getting attacked by nothing but arrows of fear – fear of strangers, darkness and ultimately – DEATH.

Indeed, the smallest coffins are the heaviest….and will be…always.

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