Four Signs of A Narcissist

To describe people who are irritating, arrogant and argumentative, we use the term narcissist. Normally narcissism affects very less people so it can be really difficult to identify a real narcissist.

Here are some of the signs that will help you to identify a real narcissist whether he or she is a partner, a friend or even yourself:

1. Lack of empathy

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Real narcissists will never be interested in other people’s lives. They will even not pay attention to a conversation that is not about them. And as a result, instead of listening in a particular conversation, they will try to speak. They want everyone else to listen to what they have to say.

2. Grandiose personality

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Narcissists have an exaggerated sense of self-significance and superiority, which facilitates them stand out from the pack.

But, with this self-significance comes fragility.

“Narcissists feel superior to others. But they are not necessarily satisfied with themselves as a person.”(Psychology today)

In truth, losses and screw ups may knock narcissists badly because it confronts them with their very own vulnerability.

3. They seek admiration

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A real narcissist will always wish that people admire him all the time and for his satisfaction, he wants people to shower him with compliments.

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A psychologist at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Mitjja D.Back said:

“Seeking admiration is like a drug for narcissists. In the long run it becomes difficult because others won’t applaud them, so they always have to search for new acquaintances from whom they get the next fix.”

4. Status driven

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Narcissists want leadership, control and situations in which they can provoke others while not having to cooperate.

“Leadership situations where they can dazzle and dominate others without having to cooperate or suffer the consequences of a bad reputation.”(psychology today)