Four Pakistanis have made their names in ’30 under 30’Forbes list

The soil of our motherland Pakistan is enrich with talent and guts. The recent release of Forbes magazine ’30 under 30’ list has proved it. This list includes four youngsters of Pakistani origin who have made their names prominent through creativity and hard work. As a matter of fact, if our government create entrepreneur friendly policies we can get more good results.

Moreover the list has 600 individuals in total from 20 different fields, like education, art and style, enterprise technology, food, media and games. This list comes out on yearly bases.

Pakistani Youngsters in Forbes List

These four Pakistani origin youngsters marked in 2018 Forbes list, are picked because of their accomplishments in e-commerce, retail, education and enterprise technology.

Sarah Ahmad

Via Forbes

Forbes has chosen Sarah Ahmad, 28, for her e-commerce and retail business. She is a New York based entrepreneur who has founded a denim brand, Wrap + Weft, “a premium denim brand that weaves its own fabric to guarantee the best value and fit.” She has a vision of enhancing inclusivity of size. As can be seen by the company name of Sarah, it deals in Denim for Men and Women.

S. Zayd Enam

Via Forbes

S. Zyad Enam, 25, is a drop out from high school. He started Mediconnect, “a healthcare provider platform in Pakistan”. Later he also dropped his Stanford University PhD program and started, that improves customer service quality. Furthermore Enam creating a team of Artificial Intelligence experts from Stanford.

Khizer Hayat

Via Forbes

Khizer Hayat, 28 is Tech Pakistan Initiative president, which is a nongovernmental organization. This organization working for betterment of rural education system in Pakistan.

In addition to Tech Pakistan Initiative, Hayat is also a Co founder of ThroughPut, “a data science automation company which estimates waste in supply chain and logistics operations and offers recommendations to eliminate bottlenecks and areas of concern.” His incredible work in ThroughPut made Forbes select him in the ’30 under 30′ list.

Raza Munir

Via Forbes

Raza Munir, the fourth Pakistani origin, under 30, founded Climb Credit meant for helping students enrolled in skills based field to manage their debts. In a report by Forbes, Munir has given loans to 5000 students enrolled in 60 schools.

In addition to this article, I would like inform you that Pakistanis are making their names in every field. Few days back we heard about the MIT graduate who quit her 6 figured job to help under privileged.  Generally speaking, people like Saba Gul (The MIT student) are setting examples for many to follow their footprints.