It has been happening form ages that things are invented first, and then, later on, their amendments, revised or improved versions start to come in the market. It is sometimes because to address bugs in the earlier versions. Or to mold inventions according to latest trends or customer needs. And the final thing usually becomes totally different from the original version. For example, we can say that iPod is the recent technological advancement of the gramophone. And nowadays, we have devices like Kindle which is replacing physical books. But what I wanted to discuss today is the latest version of emerging sports, which is FootGolf.

FootGolf: Isn’t it quite strange to read? This sport is where Golf rules, by using your foot to kick a football and drop in the hole. Like FIFA (Federation International for Football Association), the worlds’ governing body for Footgolf is FIFG (Federation International for Footgolf Association) which established in June 2012. Currently, there are 28 member countries of FIFG, including Brazil, Germany, France, Holland, Australia, and others.

The 1st World Cup for FootGolf played in Hungary, Budapest in June 2012. The 2nd edition of the FootGolf World Cup was held in Argentina in January 2016.

It is very new and emerging sport. Some say that it is the fastest growing version of its true inspiration. It is critical to say now that would it reach masses of people. Will it replace Golf? Could it turn meaningful and famous soccer players to turn footgolfers? Will it succeed to get as many country members as in FIFA, i.e. 211? Time will tell how much success and fame this sport gets.

I believe routine is good but sometimes you should make room for adventure. There is nothing bad about giving a trial. What do you say? Please share your thoughts.

You can read more about FootGolf Rules at FIFG