Fizza Ali Meerza “Booing” Ahad Raza Mir For Winning Award

LUX Style Awards 2018 took place on 20th February, and were aired last night on Hum TV. It was the first time Hum Tv broadcasted LSA, otherwise they are always broadcasted on GeoTV. Many well deserved celebrities were applauded on their great work with awards.

Cutest Saas-Bahu of Pakistan Media Industry

However something very “immature” happened during the show which was never witnessed in previous award shows. It was a local film producer Fizza Ali Meerza, who is main force behind hits like Actor in Law and Namaloom Afraad. When Ahad Raza Mir was called on stage to receive the best actor award, she started ‘booing’, as Mohsin Abbas Haider from Na Maloom Afrad was also nominated for the same category.

It is very much obvious that Meerza wanted Mohsin to take the award, as both have worked together on many projects and are good friends.  But she should have shown some sportsmanship in this regard.

As per expected, Ahad’s fan have started bashing Meerza on social media for “booing”. Here are few posts from Ahad’s fan people showing their anger.

The level at which our industry is presently, such behaviours look odd. Hope Meerza will learn her lessons after the response from fans.