Five Tips to Stay Happy in Daily Corona Tensions

By Zainab Rizwan


Are you depressed, stressed, worried?… or perhaps bored?

Analyzing the current situation and the world wide lockdown, there is no doubt that many of you are experiencing at least one of these emotions, thus I have decided to suggest some ways, to stay relaxed and happy during these days.

But before I do so, I’d like to share a golden piece of advice; for the time being, we can’t end this lockdown or pandemic (like at once), we don’t really have any option but to stay in our homes whether we are depressed or happy… so why not be cheerful and make good use of this time?

1. Read Qur’an

What to do in quarantine
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Okay, to begin with, the first tip is to read the Quran in any way you can, like listen to lectures of Tafseer, learn word to word translation or simply practice Arabic with tajweed. Firstly your time will pass this way and secondly it is written in the Quran that there is peace of the heart in it.

“Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah, hearts are assured.” Quran (Surah Raad, Verse 28)

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2. Smile!

how to stay happy during quarantine

The second tip is to smile even if you have to do it by force, firstly because it is Sunnah and secondly when you smile your brain gets the message that you are happy.

3. Workouts

What to do in quarantine
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The third tip is to get engaged in physical exercises, such as home workouts and walks in the lawn or terrace since exercise boosts your immunity and also keeps you healthy and fresh.


4. Keep Yourself Busy!

What to do in quarantine
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The fourth tip is to not sit idle as that can stimulate negative thoughts. Try to keep yourself both physically and mentally busy so your mind stays healthy. Like getting involved in cooking, create new recipes, decorate your home and read novels. You can also do online courses and learn new things.

5. Value Your Family!

What to do in quarantine
Via Ted talks

Lastly take advantage of this situation and spend quality time with your family especially your fathers or husbands, as they are rarely available all day in other situations.

All these activities will not charge you extra bucks but will add value and peace to your time. In the end, I’d like to say; don’t give up, keep your trust in Allah and stay happy!