Five Things You MUST Do Before India-Pakistan Match

The Sanasani khaiz match between India and Pakistan is starting in few minutes. Whether you are following World Cup 2019 or not, whether you have interest in cricket or not, BUT India-Pakistan match is still very important for you.

So, here is list of things that you should must do before the match start


1. Do Rakka’at Nafal Hajat

Dua has lot of power! And nawafil have their great significance. So make sure you offer nawafil before the match.

Pakistan Vs India
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2. Sadqa

Pakistan Vs India
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It is said that

Sadqa balaa taal deti hai,

so consider defeat (not India) as balaa, and do sadqa.

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3. Food for Stress Eating

Pakistan Vs India
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I eat a lot in stress, and I am sure there would be others like me too. So make sure you have stocked some junk food for the match.

4. Arrange Glucose

Pakistan Vs India
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This is necessary for those crazy cricket fans who just take too much stress of defeat. So if you are one of them, or you have any such person around you, make sure you have Glaxose D arrange to cure the fluctuating sugar levels and blood pressure.

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5. Listen to the Song Tum Jeeto ya Haaro Humein Tum se Pyar hai


‘Listening is Believing’ .. Lets believe it for a day… so that if Khuda na khuasta Pakistan loses, you don’t start cursing the team immediately. Remember it could have lost the England-Pakistan match too….


It is all in good humour… But other than that, it is just game, one has to lose and other has to win, so take it easy 🤪