Five Reasons Why Jago Pakistan Jago Receives Anger and Hatred

Jago Pakistan Jago, YES

Jago ehsaas e kamtari se


Jago safaid or kaali chamri kay fark se

What Sanam Jang did in her HUM TV Morning show has been under serious discussion and criticism. From her well-planned competition and a scripted show, she at least did her best to bring her show and HUM TV to the limelight. And probably she got success in improving the show ranking to few points up.

Five Reasons why Jago Pakistan Jago receives anger and hatred

But is it justifiable by any means to get famous by pissing off others? What message are you going to portray through this unfair competition? Are darker shades of skin just unfair, unaccepted and need revamps?

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The latest competition has been running for few days in her program where best makeup artist is to be explored through a series of challenges and tasks assigned to them. On a positive side, it is indeed a great idea to discover some fresh blood and talent in makeup industry by giving them a national platform which also induces confidence in them. In one of her episodes, makeup artists were given a task of changing the fairly colored skin to dark and then do a bridal makeover.

Five Reasons why Jago Pakistan Jago receives anger and hatred

Her latest episode is receiving a lot of anger and there are many reasons for it.

  1. If darkly toned models are needed for the task, why fair skin toned models are used?
  2. Use of some abusive words, like negro, habshi, habshan, makrani and those too, repeatedly.
  3. Mocking darker skin does nothing besides just uplifting an inferiority complex in the daughters and girls of our society.
  4. Promoting makeup kits, foundations, and whitening creams. Because without their use, no darker skinned lady could look pretty.
  5. Some darkly toned brides are made not so pretty, and that is too intentionally. Just to show, that how hard is to transform the dark bride into a beautiful bride.
Five Reasons why Jago Pakistan Jago receives anger and hatred
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The program producers should design their programs in order to foster creativity but without any expense of personal judgment or personal attacks. What is your intake about it?