Five Reasons Why Its Better To Have SEHRI in a Restaurant Than IFTAR

There are only two topic in Ramadan, ibadat and KHANA. What to make in iftari is the most discussed topic among ladies. Sharing recipes, discussing the best venue for sehri and iftari, which restaurant is the best option for iftari, etc.

Initially we only used to discuss the iftar venues, but now Sehri venues are getting popularity as well.

Honestly I feel its better to have sehri in a restaurant rather having iftari. I can say this for a number of reasons

1.  You Can’t Do Justice with the Amount you pay for Iftari

In iftar, we cannot eat much, yet we keep on eating as there is no option of baad mei khaa loon ga. After drinking two glasses of sharbat, you hardly have any space to eat properly. And if you eat not by your will but just because you have paid huge amounts for iftari, you are very much probable of developing stomach ache.

Iftar in hotel sehri in hotel
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On other hand, you are fresh in Sehri. You can eat as much as you can.

2. “Loads Of People” make you uncomfortable in hotels during iftar

As soon as the imam says “Allah-o-Akber” people start rushing towards food in the restaurants for obvious reasons. Its natural that everyone wants to eat everything and on first place. This create a massive dhakkam pail. Fasting whole day already makes you lethargic, and then you have to either fight or wait for long to get what you want to eat.

hotel for iftar hotel for sehri
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With the increasing trends of having sehri in restaurants, there are many people at the time of sehri too, but still it has no comparison with the chaos during iftar in restaurant.

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3. Usually Restaurants Do not Have Sharbat of your Choice

Iftar means lots and lots of sharbat. Fizzy drinks are not recommended in iftar. The hotel menus can hardly serve your desire.

Iftar in hotel sehri in hotel
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However in Sehri you can have lassi, or cold drinks or whatever you want with no fear of stomach pain. All you need is to eat with little balance.

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4. No Proper Place For Namaz

Most of the restaurants have no proper place for namaz. If there is any, its usually in car parking or similar places. You fast whole day in this ungrateful summer to please Allah and cannot offer the maghrib prayers properly, is really disturbing.

iftar in hotel sehri in hotel

However you can easily offer your fajr prayers after coming home with peace.

5. Traffic on the Roads

Its always a mess to reach to the destination in time because of huge traffic during iftar times. The tensed driving adds to the tiredness of fasting, and the fun of dining out becomes a pain for the driver especially.

iftar in hotel sehri in hotel
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There is traffic at the time of Sehri as well, but less depressing than iftar.

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