Five Reasons WHY it is Best Time of Year For Shopping in Pakistan!

I was in kitchen this morning. It was pathetically hot and making Gobhi Goosht was much a pain for me at that time. I was feeling like crying, I was remembering the days before shadi when I never used to cross to boundary of kitchen… I started feeling my eyes wet when I picked up my phone and started checking the unread messages.

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Suddenly I felt a stream of energy in my blood. My barely opened eyes started stretching widely! I totally forgot the moment ago sad, lethargic, depressed me! Outfitters, Sapphire, CrossStitch, Break Out and number of other brands offering discounts. Thus I decided to go shopping at my earliest and started cooking Goobhi Goosht enthusiastically.

I have figured out that this time of the year in most favourable time for shopping for a number of reasons.

1. The Capital

Shopping in Pakistan
Via Giphy

Dil to kehta hai saari dunya khareed loon

Per Jaib kehti hai Bakwas bund ker!

However right now jaib won’t give a shut up call as it was Eid last week! Thus most of us women got our Eidi and our kids’ Eidi too. Therefore you can fund your shopping with Eidi


Via Gifycat

Is it just me or you also comment THIS before shopping;

Pehley khud qeemat barha k lagaatey hain, phir sale mei kam kr dete hain! tauba kitney munaafey hain in k!!!

Maybe thats true, but we cannot help it. We have to shop from same market. Therefore we all look forward to sales. So now there are discounts at most of the shops; MotherCare, CrossStitch, Sapphire and many others.

3. No Tensions of School

shopping in Pakistan
Via A Day in our Shoes

Picking kids from school and their homeworks are big tensions for most of the mothers.

Abi sopping start hoti nai k school se lene ka time ho jaata hai…

But these days because of summer vacations, you can shop tension free…

4. The Vacation Mode

shopping in Pakistan
Via Giphy

Allah sabko apney darbaar se de,

but thats true that only handpicked of Pakistanis go abroad for vacations and rest enjoy their vacations on instagram. But no worries, due to dollar hike

Pakistan is far more sasta than foreign countries¬†ūü§™

So enjoy your vacations while shopping

5. Lots and lots and lots of Options

shopping in Pakistan
Via Where is damn cork screw

As it is the sale season, so almost every shop is offering discounts to attract buyers. So if you not liking sale items at one shop you can conveniently  move to other.

This Happy Shopping ūüėé