Five Reasons Why Coke Food Fest was a BIG SUCCESS

Coke Food Fest: The famous Facebook group Foodies are Us arranged a 3-day Food Festival in collaboration with Coke in Lake City Lahore. I have attended many events, but without a doubt this one takes the cake. Apart from being a huge event, with a massive crowd, it was also a success.


coke food fest
The Venue

Last time, the coke food fest was organized in Royal Palm. It was a huge crowd then too, but due to small area, the whole event became congested. People were bumping into each other. There was hardly any place to walk. However this time the crowd was pretty satisfied with the big venue. We met a beautiful couple; Haris and Sahar who expressed that the event venue this time way better than Royal Palm.

coke food fest
Haris & Sahar


coke food fest
Sitting Enclosures

The management of the whole event was very impressive without any mismanagement. The management team was available for any kind of help. In case someone’s kid got lost, there were immediate announcements on stage. There was no mess at all. The whole venue was beautifully decorated with lights and balloons, showing the great aesthetic sense of organizers. There were sitting enclosures for ones who wanted to sit rather than roaming around. Overall the management showed great work of the  whole Coke Fest team.

Good Food Quality

Foodies R Us took special care of food lovers by inviting best taste from all over Pakistan. Be it fast food, snacks, barbeque, biryani, pop corn, Japanese food, milk shakes; in short everything you name it and they had it.

coke food fest


coke food fest
Karachi Kanteen


coke food fest


coke food fest
Pop Nosh

No Stags Allowed Arrangements

The visitors especially families were very happy with the ticket policy. No stags were allowed. Only females could buy the ticket, and boys were allowed if accompanied with females. This made the environment comfortable for the families. We met a family of 2 daughters and a mother, who were very comfortable attending an event with a huge crowd.

coke food fest
At Coke Food Fest


The event was fully occupied with great food, best music and singers from Coke Fest. The singers made the event more colorful. Overall it was a great experience with quality food, good ambiance and a decent crowd.

coke food fest
Live Music

SIM SIM was offering great discounts. If one bought the ticket through SIM SIM app, he/she would get Rs 100 back on each ticket. Also they had exciting games and amazing prizes for whoever visited its stall.

coke food fest
Sim Sim

Some people have criticized the management as used food plates and wrappers could be seen at many places; highlighting that there were no dustbins, resulting in litter at many spots. However there were waste bins placed every 50 feet. YET people threw garbage everywhere. In this case, lack of civic sense could be witnessed.

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