Five Movies You Can “Safely” Watch With Family and That Too Very Entertaining

By Zainab Rizwan


Nowadays, watching movies has become a common hobby or perhaps we can more accurately say, a common trend.

The problem is that we don’t always enjoy these movies, as much as we can, (especially when accompanied by family), due to some irrelevant bold scenes which are added, to spice up these movies.

Luckily for those of you (that is Shareef Loag), I have come across a few movies that are not only safe but also interesting to watch with your loved ones.

1. Life 

family movies


Packed with action and excitement, this movie is nicely made in spaceship.It is based on an experiment that a team tried to do in space but turned out to e a monster.

2. The Great Wall

family movies

If you watch this movie, you are sure to hold your breath every few minutes. It is basically a fictional movie revolving around terrifying beasts and brave warriors.

3. The Hobbit I 

family movies

This is a movie, moving around fictional creatures such as elves and hobbits. Be careful when you start it though, it is difficult to get up before the ending.

4. WarCraft


family movies
Game turned movie Warcraft is definitely a treat to watch! This movie will definitely take you to the scary arena of war among giants, the feelings, emotions and the expressions of loyalty are truly amazing!

5. Flight Plan

family movies

This movie shows the true bond between a mother and her child. The main character’s husband is murdered and while she is taking her daughter and her husband’s dead body to New York from Germany, her daughter gets kidnapped by two of the staff members of the airplane. The whole story is basically based on how the mother retrieves her daughter from the airplane and how she convinces the captain that her daughter is actually kidnapped. It is a plot that touches the heart.
I can assure you that you won’t regret it if you watch these movies. So all you Shareef people out there, get ready for not one but five wonderful experiences!