Five Brutal Truths Shown In “Meri Gurhiya” Send Chills Down Our Spine

We have always observed two kinds of entertainment. One that has some purpose/message and other is simply entertainment. I believe that the first kind of entertainment is very long lasting. It stays with us for a longer period and sometimes the whole life. In recent times, I have seen three dramas that I won’t name as entertainment but brutal truths of our society that we don’t want to see… Udaari, Aisi hai Tanhai and now Meri Gurhiya…

Unfortunately we live in a society that has his own way of thinking. These mindsets are so deeply rooted that I do not know how long would it take to change. Some of these truths are shown in ARY Digital’s drama serial Meri Gurhiya. I know its fiction, but trust me I need to gain lot of courage to watch the drama every week…

1. Its CHILD Rape! the Poor Child was innocent

meri gurhiya

I don’t get the point, the victim must have done anything that would have initiated the rapist, or Taali Donoon Hathoon se bajti hai. What on earth can a 7 year old girl do to attract a 30 year old man??? And if the child is murdered after getting raped, its shame for the DEAD girl and it should be hidden from the society. YES we do live in a cancerous society.

2. Pedophiles Exist!


meri gurhiya

We don’t want to talk about it. Its not happening around us. We have very educated people around us. They all belong to good families. For God Sakes! pedophilia is a mental disease. Pedophiles may exist around you, maybe in your friends or family.

What triggers the pedophile?

3. People Only Laugh with you, they Don’t Cry with You

I think its the most cruel truth ever. If its your wedding, people will come and enjoy. However if its your loss, people will only Talk. They certainly don’t have time to cry with you. They move on in their lives, and the best advise they give is move on. But they do not realise the fact that you cannot move on with every situation. Indeed its toughest for a mother to bear the loss of a child, and then to bear the fact that she was molested before being murdered, the pain she would have gone through before death or maybe death was the end of her pain…. All these facts are so painful that I am feeling my hands shaking while writing this because I am a mother too… But our dear society suggest us to move on…or on in meri,  merney wali ki rooh ko takleef hogi… I never use slang language, but I badly want to use it right now.

4. There is one in million people who is actually Sincere with you

meri gurhiya

Maybe its a not a brutal truth, but a ray of hope. In darkness every where, sometimes Allah sends an angel who stands by with the person who is going through distress. He cries with him, he supports him, and yes sometimes suggests him the solution to the problem. May be its like, Allah bandoon k liye waseeley banata hai….

5. In 95% cases, Susral stays Susral

meri gurhiya

No doubt our society has chnaged by manifolds. The in laws are not always cruel and villains. Sometimes they become very supportive and stand by with their bahu  no matter what… However STILL in many cases, susral waley stays susral walei. In meri gurhiya, rather understanding the pain Shahnaz is going through, they keep on playing role of being part of typical and patriarchal society. Its the case when saas do not feel the pain of bahu because she has never considered her as daughter.

These are the truths I observed from the drama. If you have something to share, please do…