Five Best Long Lasting Lipsticks

As soon as the weather changes, we tend to alter our wardrobe to solid, darker colors – black, tan, navy and grey become our wardrobe staples. Similarly, our makeup trends take a different turn as well. Long lasting Lipsticks are most wanted demands of fashion these days.

With solid colors in clothes being seen throughout the winter, lipstick takes the lead in creating an overall look. For example, red gives a vibrant look while tones of brown/nudes add to the existing aura of the season. Then there are shades in burgundy and plum that are bold and rich. You can carry these shades with your day time and evening look and looks really good!

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Advancements in Make up Industry

The makeup industry has evolved a great deal in the last few years. From plain matte lipsticks, we now see liquid lipsticks being the ‘in’ thing in our vanity. You cannot just stick to one brand and then there are those hundred tutorials, each with a different view.

Even in liquid lipsticks, there’s variation like matte finish, satin and glossy finish. What do you prefer? Following are some brands that have gained a lot of popularity amongst Youtube bloggers and the common public. Here’s a look:


long lasting lipsticks
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A drugstore brand and easily available via Facebook pages – this brand has a lot to offer in terms of quality and pigmentation. You don’t like matte, there’s satin and glossy finish as well. With utmost variety in shades, these lipsticks tend to be very long lasting and not drying at all. If you don’t like matte ones, just use a lipbalm and you’re good to go!


long lasting lipsticks

This brand needs no introduction. Their lipsticks are super light on the lips and don’t leave a greasy or heavy feel at all. Long lasting and keeps your lips moisturized. In the drugstore community, no wonder everyone loves it.

Huda Beauty: 

long last lipsticks

Ah! So who doesn’t follow Huda? From the DIY skincare tips to her new additions every now and then. The lipsticks, the strobes, the highlighters and the palettes – for now, you will find her liquid lipsticks in the market – some are really glossy and are called strobes. They look super nice while the mattes are available in good variety. The quality’s great and even though it may need double application, the formula’s light and you will love the pigmentation. Bombshell, Trendsetter and Gossip Gurl are some shades you should add to your vanity.

Kylie Cosmetics:

long lasting lipsticks

Who doesn’t follow Kylie? We all do and this young celebrity keeps surprising us with the latest trends. Her liquid lipsticks have all the rage and rightly so. The pigmentation is crazy and the shades are not just pleasing to the eyes, you know you’re following the trend without looking like a jerk. Kylie’s Velvet Lipsticks are amazing.


long lasting lipsticks

This brand holds our loyalty and love for its quality and the shades it offers. Having a MAC is a must for everyone – Ruby Woo is our personal favorite.