FitBit Versa- Best Smart Watch Ever

Fitbit was once a market leader in tech wearables, as it had no competition. But Appls’s entry in smart watches production shook Fitbit. However, now Fitbit is persistent that its advanced health tracking gadget would top the smart watch market with tracking glucose levels and sleep apnoea.

Fitbit Versa is unexpectedly going to be the “the big thing”. It is user friendly, affordable, GPS-free, in short it is going to attract the masses. It is more beautiful than Ionic, and also with golden and pink colors, I can also say that its meant for women as well.

1. Battery Life

FitBit Versa
Via GizGuide

The Fitbit Versa has battery life of four days with single charge, this one point goes against Apple.

2. Price


FitBit Versa with price of $200 may attract a lot of people. Amazing features in this price are hard to get.

3. Notifications

FitBit Versa
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Notifications on FitBit Versa is as bad as it was in Ionic. Particularly, the ones from iOS are so annoying. You cannot find any way to respond to these notifications. Also Versa has no microphone or speaker. According to FitBit officials, they will find a way to respond to android notifications till May (and that’s too far).

Versa also shows calendar notifications. Considering the notifications thingy, it can be clearly said that Versa is more about health and fitness. However the phone notifications are fluent, it is easier to accept or reject the call on Versa. But still it is recommended that Versa should be used for fitness and not as a phone.

4. Watch Bands

FitBit Versa
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Changing the watch band is easier in Apple than in FitBit Versa.

5. Display

FitBit Versa
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FitBit Versa looks very much like Apple watch with its square shape and round edges. But it has many physical differences.  The watch comes in three colors, Silver, Black and Rose Gold.

A very attractive thing in FitBit Versa design is its light weight and flat design that looks amazing at the wrist. Its flatness makes it easy to wear even 24/7.

6. Compatibility

A very appealing feature of FitBit Versa is its compatibility with iOS, Android and even Window phones. In fact, you sync it with desktop too.

7. User Friendly

It is a common concern of many users they don’t understand how to use different health related features of smart watches. However FitBit Versa is very easy to use, and you do not need to learn any rocket science to use it at best.

8. Health Tracking

FitBit Versa
Via Sport Techie

You can measure your steps, calories burned, kms walked the whole day, steps climbed, heart rate, sleep hours and cardiac score along with many other exercises.

Overall, FitBit Versa is an improved version of its previous FitBit versions, and in comparatively affordable range.