FI Officer Having Picture With “Emerging” Social Media Celebrity

Few days back we heard the news of Czech woman held at Lahore Airport who was in an attempt to smuggle 9kg heroine.

Teresa, 21 year old was taken in custody on Allama Iqbal International Airport. She was caught after “successfully” crossing two security checks at airport. She was in route to United Arab Emirates.

Customs personnel and Anti Narcotics Department took her into custody. The market value of drugs was Rs 150 million.

Pakistanis are “different” in many ways. The recent picture that is circulating the social media is catching everyone’s attention these days. In the picture given above,  it is certainly hard to understand who is under arrest exactly. The Czech woman, certainly look satisfied and contended and not the one with charges of drugs smuggling.

It is strange, but not uncommon in our country, yet “different”.