Fayaz-ul-Hassan Chohan Has Resigned From the Post! Great Day for Democracy and Minorities

Sad but true. Not all members of PTI are capable of representing Pakistan on international levels. Today I feel Fayyaz Hassan Chohan is at the top of list.

While addressing the Hindus, he mentioned his belonging to Hazrat Ali (RZ), Hazrat Umer (RZ) and Hazrat Imam Hussain (RZ). I wish for once he would have followed one footstep of any of the above, and I wish he would have gone through the real gist of our great religion Islam.

Islam has laid great emphasis on the need of NOT saying bad about the religions of other people, in fact it has asked us to respect other religions. For convincing others for Islam, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has asked to start the discussion by saying, ‘let’s talk about similarities between our religions’.

In this whole scenario, sadly Fayad Hassan, the provincial minister of information  has played quite a negative role. While all this cross border tensions Pakistan facing these days, the country is paying price to prove itself a discrimination free, peaceful state.

It is heart wrenching the way Pti minister talked about Hindu-ism and hurt the feelings of Hindus;

The minister is highly criticised is Pakistan and masses are demanding its resignation;

Nadia Jamil, the renowned showbiz personal demanded the minister of human rights, Shireen Mazari to take action against Fayaz-ul-Hassan

Fayaz chohan

Shireen Mazari responded to her in a most effective way by saying,

Mahira Khan also stepped in,

Soon after Kapil Dev’s tweet, many Pakistanis Hindus took to twitter to express their anger towards Chohan

Pakistanis also expressed their thoughts.

Soon #FayyazulHassanChohan, #Hindus and #SackFayyazChohan became the top trend in Pakistan.

CM Buzdar took notice and demanded resignation from the minister.

The history today marked the real essence of democracy, and Fawadulhassan Chohan has resigned from the post.

fayaz chohan