Faryal Makhdoom Breaks Silence Over Her Husband’s Affair With Sophia Hammani

Faryal Makhdoom, Amir Khan’s wife has finally broken silence on the matter of Amir Khan’s affair with the 22 year old beautician, Sophia Hammani.

She said that Amir Khan cheated her right after 17 days of their second baby arrival.

Faryal took to instgram for expressing her views about Amir Khan’s latest scandal. Her two messages on the issue were really touching. Her first message was from the quotes of Hazray Ali saying, ‘Enduring hardship is more rewarding then enjoying ease’.

Her second quote was from a Muslim scholar saying, ‘It may happen that you ask God for something and he does not give it you to you in order to endow you with something of better quality later.’

It is reported that Faryal confronted the beautician, Sophia Hammani after finding her number on I’m a Celebrity star phone. However Sophia said that Faryal forgave her and had a sisterly chat with her.

On other hand Amir Khan has rejected all such claims. But does it matter?