Exciting new features in iOS 11.3 for iPhone users especially SMS backup

Apple’s newest update to it’s operating system is here that iOS 11.3. Unlike iOS 11.2, it does not have as many features as it’s predecessor had. However there are still a number of new features that Apple users are going to love in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iOS 11.3 beta was released on 24 January. A day before iOS 11.3 release, iOS 11.2.5 was released after 41 days beta testing.

Here are the prominent features of iOS 11.3 beta;

iCloud Messaging now possible

Looks like iCloud messaging is finally possible on Apple devices after wait of about 4 months. To enable iCloud messaging, toggle on “Messages” in iCloud settings. After that go Messages app and see the welcome prompt. In betas available before this latest one, the user would tap on “Messages on iCloud” present in Messages settings. If you want to sync this feature with your Macbook, you need to have macOS 10.13.4 beta 1 or above.

iOS 11.3

New Animoji (iPhone X only)

Aprt from 12 already present, there is a further addition of 4 more Animoji characters with whom every one can relate across the globe. It shows that Apple wants to keep its international users happy with it. A dragon for China, bear for Russia, skull for Mexico and lion for China.



iOS 11.3
Via Apple



iOS 11.3
Via Apple
Via Apple
iOS 11.3
Via Apple

Sort Reviews

With this lastest version of iOS, the Apple users can now sort the reviews. It was a big issue with App Store that one could never tell why certain reviews are always on top. Now iOS 11.3 has solved this problem, by sorting reviews as, most critical, most helpgul, most favorable, and most recent.

Business Chats

Business chat after being tested at WWDC in June last year, it was totally forgotten. But now with release of iOS 11.3, business chat will appear in Spring too.

iBooks is Book now

This seems little strange, as there is no such purpose of simply renaming iBooks as Books. Apple must be having something hidden about it. Let’s wait and see.

There are some other attractions expected too;

The Apple Users will be able to check Battery Health

Turning off Power Throttling

Health Records in ‘Health’

Control of Music in Multiple Rooms with Airplay 2

Enhanced Privacy Awareness

Advance Mobile Location Feature

With ARKit 1.5, Apple users can help in increasing resolution

Incorporation of Music Videos with Apple Music

Increased info about App Updates

Apple News have become clearer now


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