Ever wonder how Christiano Ronaldo sleep so peacefully???

A common problem among most of the successful people around globe is “inability to sleep peacefully”. Many celebrities sharing their journey and staying at the heights of success, complains about sleeplessness. I was amazed to k now that most of the ‘famous’ people consult psychotherapist for sleeping.

Nick Littlehales is an expert sleep consultant who works with athletes advising them for better sleep. He shares his experience of dealing with the king of football Cristiano Ronaldo by saying that if anyone has ever worked with Ronaldo he would know that if there is a discussion going on in the corner of the room, he would come and ask about the discussion. He is always interested in things around him.

Littlehales further says that Ronaldo is never interested in fad diets or copying the trends. The only thing he feels concerned is that whether any particular plan would work for him or not. According to Littlehales, the most impressive thing about Ronaldo is that he turns off all his gadgets, like television, phone or any other kind of screen about one and half hour before sleeping.